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About us

Hawke’s Bay Antenatal Hub consists of three Childbirth Educators - Bronwyn Gardner, Di Reefman and Nicki Lampon. We each run different types of antenatal classes, which complement each other, offering you the best choice of courses in Hawke’s Bay.


We provide experienced, quality antenatal education that is fun, informative and provides you with essential skills for pregnancy, birth and early parenting. With a combined experience of over 35 years, there is no better option if you are looking for support when starting or expanding your family.

Whatever you are looking for, we can help you with your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Our Classes

HD Doulas Hawke's Bay Antenatal Hub

Bronwyn Gardner

HB Doulas

Traditional Antenatal Classes

Traditional antenatal classes help parents explore options and make informed decisions on issues relating to pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting.


By learning what to expect during labour and gaining basic birthing skills, families have better birth outcomes.

Classes help expectant parents acquire the skills and confidence needed to make birth and the parenting journey a positive and rewarding experience.


During classes families also learn about early parenting information for those first few weeks following their baby’s birth.​

Positive Birth Hawke's Bay Antenatal Hub

Di Reefman

Positive Birth

Birth Coaching Classes

Positive Birth classes help women and their birth partners learn and practice useful and effective techniques to prepare the body and mind for birth.


Using yoga, breathing, deep relaxation, body and mind awareness and expansion techniques, acupressure, massage, and homeopathy, women and their birth partners attain the confidence and capability to meet anxiety and fear and other challenges of labour and birth, to ease baby’s passage into the world.


Positive Birth classes are a great complement to pregnancy yoga, traditional antenatal classes and Hypnobirthing classes.


Bay Hypnobirthing Hawke's Bay Antenatal Hub

Nicki Lampon


Bay Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Classes

Bay Hypnobirthing classes are designed to give you more confidence in your body, to relieve fear and tension, and reduce the risk of intervention, postnatal depression and a traumatic birth.


Classes teach mums-to-be simple but effective techniques that they can use to help them achieve a more calm and peaceful birth. Most Hypnobirthing mums 
experience little or no pain,
and feel far more in control of their birthing experience.


Hypnobirthing classes are an ideal complement to both traditional antenatal classes and Positive Birth classes.