Di Reefman

Positive Birth

Birth Coaching Classes

Positive Birth


Birth Coaching Classes


8 'women only sessions - followed by 2 'partner support' sessions

  • 'one on one' sessions also available

  • prepare your mind and body for having a baby

  • reduce the stress, fear and pain of labour and birth

  • create a calm mental and physical state for labour

  • manage labour and birth better

  • relax your baby and ease their passage into the world

  • feel more in harmony with the birthing process whatever the circumstances

  • speed post natal recovery

  • breast feed better

  • complement your antenatal education and pregnancy yoga

  • you will receive an extensive manual to complement and support class content


You will learn:

  • pelvic toning and expansion exercises

  • gentle yoga stretches

  • breathing and body awareness techniques

  • natural pain management techniques

  • acupressure, homeopathy and naturopathy for pre, post and during labour and birth

  • postnatal exercises

The partner support sessions will help you:

  • develop competence and confidence in the use of easy and effective techniques, to promote 
    optimal functioning of the birthing body

  • ease the birth process

  • support the labouring woman


Partners will learn:

  • simple massage and touch techniques for deep relaxation

  • ways to create more space and flexibility in the pelvis

  • acupressure to support the natural labour and birthing process

  • breathing and efficient birthing positions for better labour management

About Di

Diane is a Registered Massage Therapist with MNZ and has been working professionally in this field since 1988 in the US, UK, and NZ specialising in Pre and Post Natal Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy for the treatment of babies and children. Her unique integrative system of bodywork for healing and wellbeing uses remedial and sports massage, cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, foot joint mobilisation and heated and chilled rock therapy.

In 1996 she developed and began teaching the Positive Birth programme, a birth coaching course working with both the mind and the body to prepare for labour and birth. Since then she has been involved with the making of the Pink Kit and has produced a DVD and booklet resource, called Wahine Marohirohi, for Te Ha Ora, a Tikanga Maori antenatal programme.